What is an Adware and How to Remove it

Adware Virus Removal

Adware is a kind of ad generating program. As is cleared from its name Adware. So, in adware ‘ad’ refers to advertisements and ‘ware’ refers to software. So, combining adware implies a software that is responsible for generating lots of ads and pop-ups. Thus, in case your computer is infected from an adware then you will find tons of ads and promotional contents appear on your screen. Further, there are various ads including pop-ups, banners, unwanted links, animated banners etc. appear constantly.

Though, such promotional and commercial ads mostly appear to promote various offers, products, webpages, services, computer software and free updates. Moreover, many of such ads is also responsible for malware activities. Apart from this, users find extra tools appear on computer and new browser extensions.

Such ads may be just for generating revenue on pay per click basis or they may infect computer with virus. Examples of adware includes: adware which prompts pop-up ads and redirects to other sites, DeskAd which is a destructive adware, clearX, ShopNav, Trinity and many more adwares.


This malware reaches to your computer by using many deceptive techniques. Moreover, there are some ways how this malware gets into your PC:

Misleading web domains: While surfing internet if you ever visit a malicious domain that has enormous number of malwares then it infects your PC. Mostly, such websites load in your browser when a plugin to your browser redirect you to such sites. However, such plugins enter your PC with freeware as additional tool then infect your browser. After infecting your browser, it redirects to malicious sites especially porn sites.

Free Bundled programs: Freeware programs are also carrier to such malwares. Usually, developers bundle them with some extra tools that remain hidden from the users. So, when a user install such freeware, it infects his/her computer.

Pop-ups and ads: Online ads and pop-ups also cause malware infections. So, when you click an ad or pop-up it directly or by redirecting to unknown site, infect your PC from malwares.


Adware programs are notorious for their annoying activities and disturb users a lot. We, it becomes very painful when you get constant ads regularly on your PC. Further, there is also an associated risk to your privacy and safety of your PC. So, it’s necessary to remove at earliest. Anyways, it has the following effects on your PC:

  • You find ads, banners, text links and all other promotional stuffs regularly on your computer screen.
  • Causes redirections to unsafe and unknown sites without permission.
  • Also, loads unknown page in your web browser.
  • Installs unknown programs and copy new files on the system.
  • Track your private information and steal private information.
  • Badly affects system health and use high resources of your PC.
  • Mislead users by showing fake and annoying contents.
  • Drops malware on PC and slow down internet.
  • Adds extra toolbars to default web browser.


Be cautious while surfing internet: When you surf internet, you should be cautious about various online frauds like if an ad shows free update or download. Moreover, always use a powerful antispyware program that is capable to provide you complete protection. Further, never visit unknown and suspicious sites.

While installing freeware choose custom or advance installation option: Malwares may travel to your PC through freeware programs. Thus, you should choose the advance or custom option for installing a freeware on your PC. So, you can track the features that is going install on your PC and disable any unwanted one.

Avoid clicking on Pop-ups or ads: While browsing online if you encounter pop-ups or ads then avoid clicking these contents as they may carry malware to your PC.

Install Popular program from official site: You should avoid downloading a popular software from a third party website always download the program from its official site.