“PC Speed Test” ads Removal

How to remove “PC Speed Test” ads from PC

Uninstall “PC Speed Test” ads Remova

“PC Speed Test” ads or pop-ups are dubious messages which shows false PC report. Further, once this fake alert appears in your web browser it shows speed status of your computer system. Initially, it displays an alert message claiming your computer is running slow then it offers to improve your computer speed for free. Once such alert appear a user may become concerned about his/her PC security and at the end may decide to opt for the offer.
But these messages are not trusted at all and users should avoid such alerts and messages as clicking on such dubious ads may result in severe malware infection. PC Speed Test is an adware and shows tons of pop-ups and ads. It’s a technique called social engineering which is primarily used to make money. Thus, if a user click on such ads then developers get paid. In addition, once you install a PC optimizer program offered by such fake messages, then after installing such programs insist you install full version.
Once this malware is in your PC then such false programs start showing various fake PC reports and convince you to believe that there are some issues with your system. Once you believe on the false report then you may decide to install premium version of such program. If you pay for it then you should know that you pay for nothing as it is just a fake tool. In addition, it also steals your sensitive information, degrade your system, and generates tons of ads. So, remove “PC Speed Test” from PC asap.

What are the common ways of its infiltration?

Though, there are a number of means of its infiltration but one common method includes freeware or unreliable programs. Freeware cause malware infection due to bundling in which freeware is bundled with other additional tools. Primarily such tools are bundled for promotion purposes.
But once these third-party tools enter in your computer system it may cause severe security and privacy issue. Thus, to avoid infiltration of such third-party tools you should inspect freeware package by choosing custom/advance installation method.
Further, the other way of its infiltration is infected web contents such as ads, banners, pop-ups etc. Such contents appear in your web browser while online and may be malware infected once you click on such contents then they also infect your system.
Malicious websites also cause such malware infection also once you visit such site lots of malicious extensions and files added on your system.

How does “PC Speed Test pop-ups” affect your computer?

Remove 1SaleADay from computer

Automatic method for removing PC Speed Test ads using Malwarebytes

1. You can easily remove PC Speed Test ads using Malwarebytes antimalware, for this you need to download Malwarebytes on your PC. So, first download Malwarebytes on your computer system. Click on the appropriate link to download Malwarebytes on your PC.

2. Once Malwarebytes antimalware is downloaded on your system successfully then find its setup “mbam.exe” which appear on location where you have downloaded the tool. Once you start installing the Malwarebytes on your computer system then during installation procedure If “User Account Control” prompt appear so choose “Yes”.

3. Once you the setup start installing on your system then it will take a few minutes to install on your computer system. While the program start installing then keep on clicking the Next option at every step.

4. Once the Malwarebytes tool install successfully on PC then it starts an automatic update. After the automatic update finishes then click on the Scan Now button to run a scan.

5. After completing the scan Malwarebytes will show the scanned results and display all malwares detected on your system. Once this detects all the malwares then remove the malwares by clicking on the Remove Selected button.

6. After you complete all the steps, then it will eliminate all malicious registry and malware entries from PC.

Automatic method for removing 1SaleADay

Windows 10

  • First click the Start menu further select Settings.
  • Now choose System further click on Apps & Features from left pane.
  • Find out 1SaleADay from the list of installed apps now click on Uninstall button.
  • Confirm the procedure by jus clicking on the Uninstall button in the window that appear.

Windows 8/8.1

  • On the bottom, left corner of your PC screen right click your mouse.
  • Once a context menu appears then choose Control Panel.
  • After this choose Uninstall a program (under Programs and Features).
  • Find 1SaleADay or related apps to remove.
  • Now click Uninstall.
  • Wait until uninstallation complete.

Windows 7/Vista

  • Initially click on Start now select Control Panel.
  • Further, select Programs and Features (under Uninstall a program).
  • From the list of installed programs look for 1SaleADay.
  • Now click Uninstall.

Windows XP

  • Click Start.
  • Now from that menu choose Control Panel.
  • Further select Add / Remove Programs.
  • Locate 1SaleADay or related entries to remove.
  • Click Remove.