Topic Torch Removal

How to Get Rid of Related Searches Sidebar Topic Torch from Computer

Topic Torch Removal Guide

This article contains stuff related to Related Searches sidebar Topic Torch. It is basically an adware that Pumps a large quantity of ads into your webpages.

You can also call it a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that no user desires to have it on his/her computer. But it ends on your Operating System applying various deceptive techniques.

In most of the cases it installs on the Windows without taking consent from user. So this is the first sign that indicates towards its vicious nature.

It may land on your Windows in the form of a browser Add-on, plugin or extension. That extensions may promise of improving your browsing experience.

But what comes out are a large number of unwanted pop-up notifications which are most often packed with predetermined links.

As soon as a user clicks on any such link, he or she is instantly redirected to unknown websites. The motive behind redirecting user to unknown sites may be to earn money through pay per click system.

So now onwards you come across any such Related Searches Sidebar on your webpages, you should deal very carefully with them. And scan your computer to trace any such adware and remove them from computer.

Distribution Techniques

Now the million dollar question is if I have not installed it on my computer, then h0w it came into my computer. You should know that this Programs enters into your computer very stealthily. So that user don’t comes to know about it until it strengthens its roots.

Most of the ads it pumps into your computer notify “brought to you by Topic Torch“. This is the direct indication that Topic Search Adware is present on your Computer.

You see most of these ads present on the pages of famous free download sites. To prevent Topic Search from reaching to your computer interface, you will need to know how it invades your computer. Some of the distribution techniques it uses to attack your computer are as follows.

  1. The most used method to spread Topic Search in Bundling. Bundling means hiding its setup in the setup of a Freeware. And waiting for the user to install that freeware. When the user installs that Freeware, the Topic Search also drops on the System at the same time. The most commonly used software for t this purpose are Skype and VOIP.
  2. The spam emails have always remained an easy route for malware distributors to spread Adware. What they do is that they attach its link with a mass mail. This mass mail is targeted at thousands of users in one time. Even if a small percentage of users click on this link, that is sufficient to infect millions of computers. Because now this adware will travel from one computer to another in the Offline mode. So you should be very careful while dealing with an email from unknown sender.
  3.   The malicious websites, social media links and pop up ads are one more source of Topic Torch.
  4.  Moreover the Trojans and Viruses present on your computer can also bring it into your device.
  5. We connect our device with other devices through external media devices, USB cables and Peer to Peer sharing Apps.

How to prevent it from attacking your System?

 If you have the knowledge of its distribution techniques, it is easy for you to prevent it from attacking your System. Apply the above guidelines to block it instantly.

How to get rid of Related Searches sidebar Topic Torch from computer?

There are two methods which you can apply to remove Topic Torch Related Searches sidebar from computer. One is Automatic and the other is manual.

Automatic Removal Method

The use of Antimalware or antivirus for removing Topic Torch like Adware from your computer is known as Automatic Removal method.  The complete procedure is as given below

  1. You will have to first of all install  a security software on your computer
  2. Then scan your computer with that software
  3. The Antimalware will show you the list of existing threats to your computer.
  4. Select and click on uninstall to remove it from computer.
  5. Rescan the device to remove it completely from computer.

Manual method

The Full procedure is as given below

From Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Remove Topic Torch from the Windows Vista / 7 / XP systems

  1. Windows Vista and 7 users shall visit control panel and then Tap Program and features. There the XP users need to click on Add/ Remove Programs.
  2. Windows 8/8.1/10 users should click Uninstall a Program in the Apps section.
  3. Then locate the adware and tap  Uninstall
  4. And then Tap OK to apply the changes.

From MAC Operating System

  1. Start MAC, Tap on Go and choose Applications
  2. Application folder will show on your screen. Tap Topic Torch and the programs linked to it. Right click and move to Trash.

How to remove Topic Torch from internet browsers?

The complete procedure is as below:

For I Explorer

  • Start your IE and then click Menu.
  • Then choose Manage Add-ons.
  • Find Topic Torch and all the entries related to it.
  • Click Disable to remove them permanently.
  • And, Now visit Menu and select Internet Options
  • Now eliminate URL and place your favorite one with it.
  • Click OK to apply the above made changes

From Firefox

  • Start your internet browser
  •  Then select browser Extensions
  •  Find Topic Torch and the entries related to it.
  • Tap on the Remove to eliminate these entries.
  •  Now choose option Troubleshooting Information in the Firefox menu
  •   Tap on the Reset Firefox button many times to finish Trezaa removal

From Chrome

  • Click Google Chrome and select Tools and Extensions
  • Then search Topic Torch and entries linked to it.
  • Click on the Trash bin icon to eliminate them.
  • Visit on the Menu again and choose Settings
  • Click on the Manage search Engines under the search section.
  • Remove Malicious URL and place Google or some other preferred domain name in its place.
  • Then Reset Chrome Browser. Resetting will refresh it and it will work as efficiently as a newly app works.