Iminent Toolbar Removal

How to remove Iminent Toolbar from your Personal Computer

Guide to eliminate Iminent Toolbar

Iminent Toolbar is one more PUP that is being wrongfully advertised as a useful Program for your Computer. But in reality it is an undesirable Program that has most of its properties resembling to Virus and Adware.
Iminent virus has a very strong tendency to hijack your Computer. It lures internet user through social networks, forums, amazing emoticons and animations for your webmail service. It promises user to enhance his/her browsing experience.
Almost all the Computer Security Experts around the world agree with this fact that Iminent Toolbar is a potentially Unwanted Program that instead of enhancing your browsing experience can make it more badly.
You will not be able to tolerate this software in your Computer for even a while.
The Software makes entry into the Victims Computer so silently that he/she don’t gets a blink of it till it begins to create trouble for him/ her.
The user neither gets knowledge of it nor does it seek permission from him/her to install on Computer.

Annoying Activities

Some of the most annoying activities carried out by the Iminent Toolbar are as follows

  1.  Iminent carries out a lot of unfair activities on your Computer. As soon as it enters into your Computer, it hijacks all of your web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc.
  2. After hijacking your browsers, it changes their search engines and Homepages and replaces them with its own. So once you open your browser, you are automatically redirected to its sponsored sites
  3. You will redirected to multiple number of distrusted sites. The main aim of those sites will be increase their reach, popularity and ultimately sale. Its tries to promote its services and goods.
  4. You should never every use imminent toolbar infected browsers for needed information, because in the name of useful info, it shows you altered and infectious results.
  5. It may try to access your browsing history to track your activities and gather user related info about his/her interests.
  6. It will try to feed you with tempting ads and may start suspicious activities on your Computer.

How it makes way into your Computer?

Imminent Toolbar uses some specialized techniques to make successful entries into the Computer around the world. Some of those techniques are as given below

  1.  Since Imminent Toolbar is projected as a useful software, some people install it willingly on their Computer. These people get mislead basically by its design and the benefits it promises to user.
  2. If the user becomes suspicious of this software and avoids to install it, then the developers use alternate methods to feed it to User’s computer. One of those alternative techniques is Bundling. Bundling means to hide its setup in the installation wizard of some popular Freeware.
  3. Iminent Toolbar may also install on your Computer through spam email, infected external media devices and malicious links and websites.
  4. The Trojans and viruses present on your Computer may also sometimes act as a carrier and transport the PUP to your Computer. So we should not allow viruses and Trojans to stay in your computer for too long time

Iminent Toolbar Removal PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) Removal Guide

If PUP (potentially unwanted program) has already infected your computer, go for its removal immediately otherwise when its infection becomes severe, it causes a lot of trouble and becomes too stubborn to remove from the computer.

How to Remove Iminent Toolbar from your Computer?

If you have some doubt in your mind that Iminent Toolbar is Present in your computer, then you should remove it immediately from your Computer. The Process is as given below

How to Remove PUP from your computer?

Although iminent nor its games are considered as malicious, but its ads may annoy you to death. And as we told you above they can redirect you to any annoying websites and thus pose a serious threat to the security of your Computer. If you want to remove it from your Computer, you should adapt the following procedure.

Automatic Removal method

When you use an antivirus, antispyware or antimalware to get rid of Iminent like PUP’s from computer, then it is called Automatic Malware removal method. The software scans your Computer, traces the location of PUP and of all the entries related to it. Then it is your duty to select and remove these entries from your computer. The entire procedure is as given below

  1. First of all you will have to download an antivirus, antispyware or antimalware on your Computer. If you have already installed any one of them, then you don’t need to install them again.
  2. We recommend you to install Malwarebytes, because it is currently the most trusted and power than all antimalware. Its reviews tell the tale.
  3. After downloading it, then you need to click on Scan Now button. And it will scan your Computer thoroughly.
  4. After completing scan, it shows you the location of Iminent and the entries related to it, then you just need to right click on the entries,
  5. click on uninstall and remove them from Computer
  6. If you have a doubt in mind that some traces of the Program may be present in computer. Then you can scan your computer once again, and get rid of the threats.

    Screenshots : 

    DNS Unlocker Removal guide

    DNS Unlocker Removal guide

    DNS Unlocker Removal guide

    DNS Unlocker Removal guide

    DNS Unlocker Removal guide

    DNS Unlocker Removal guide

    Method No.2: Manual Method

    Follow the following steps to remove software manually.

    To remove Iminent Toolbar software, you may have to mess with registery & system files. Making a single mistake and deleting the wrong thing may corrupt your system.
     To Avoid this use MalwareBytes – Iminent Toolbar Removal Tool.

    Step 1 : Uninstall suspicious software using Control Panel.

Manual Removal method

There is an alternate method for removal of iminent and the entries related to it from computer. The method is known as Manual malware removal method. This method comes handy when you don’t have antimalware available or it fails to deliver quality results.The entire procedure is as given below

From the Control Panel of Windows 7/XP and vista

  1.  Tap on start, then visit control panel and then select Programs and features ( XP- Add/ Remove Programs)
  2. And then remove the PUP
  3. And Tap OK to validate the changes.

 From the Control Panel of Windows 10/8

  1.  Start Computer and access its startup menu
  2.  Then  select Control Panel
  3.  Choose Uninstall a Program
  4.  Uninstall and then tap OK to apply the above changes.

How to remove iminent from Internet browsers?

 Internet Explorer

  1.  First of all start your browser and access its menu.
  2.  Select Manage Add-ons
  3.  In the Manage Add-ons Window, search for PUP and suspicious plugin.
  4. Tap disable to uninstall suspicious entries
  5. Now change the Homepage of your IE. It may have been modified by the iminent.
  6. Return to Menu and choose Internet Options
  7. And remove Malicious URL and replace it with a preferable domain name.
  8. Tap on Apply to save changes.

Note: If you can’t find required program, sort programs by date in Control panel and search for last installed programs.

After that Iminent Toolbar  remove  from your browser.

 From Firefox

  1. Start your Mozilla Firefox browser and go to its menu and select Add-ons>> Extensions.
  2. select the concerned program and the entire related to it
  3. Tap on the Remove to eliminate these entries.
  4. Now select Troubleshooting Information
  5. Tap on Reset Firefox button several times until it removes the concerned Program.