What is Ransomware? Complete Steps to Remove Ransomware

Ransomware Removal

Ransomware is a dangerous malware that encrypt victim’s essential data. After encrypting the essential data of the victim, a cybercriminal then demands for a certain amount to decrypt the data. Once, the ransomware intrudes, it readily encrypts all essential files of the user by using a strong encryption algorithm. So, after this user no longer able to open the files with normal program.

Moreover, once it encrypts the data of a user then it becomes impossible to decrypt such data. Further, users cannot access to their important files until they pay the certain amount within a certain time. Also, it creates a crypto virology attack that severely affects the system. Further, ransomware restricts access to files also able to lock the users’ PC. After this it displays messages for the instructions to pay the ransom to regain control to your PC. Mostly, it encrypts files with .docx, .doc, .xls, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, .png, .bmp, etc.

How does Ransomware affect your PC?

Once a potential ransomware enters your PC then it readily starts encrypting your essential data. After it encrypts your essential data then there is no option to decrypt the data. This is because ransomware uses a strong encryption algorithm that makes impossible to decrypt the data. Also, the cybercrook instructs you to pay the ransom in time or else claim to destroy your data. Moreover, victims may face the following circumstances once it attacks your PC:

  • Users become unable to use their PC and other system resources.
  • Encrypts your essential data which makes it unable to read.
  • Cease legitimate program like antivirus.
  • Terminate important system processes and install new files and tools on the system.
  • May gather sensitive data.
  • Locks system and covertly communicate with a remote server.
  • Hard to remove and impossible to decrypt data.

How it spreads?

  • Typically, this malware may enter through Trojans. Once a Trojan infiltrate your PC then it may also fetch another malware like ransomware. Further, such Trojans may enter your PC through internet or freeware programs.
  • Moreover, this ransomware may come to your PC through internet when you click a malicious ad, link or visit unsafe domain.
  • Further, you it may infect your PC when you download infected contents like pdf files, songs, or video etc.
  • Through spams, like spam mails may cause infection from this malware.
  • Also, it may come with freeware or shareware programs. Since, developers bundle freeware with other tools so, it may come with such freeware.

How to protect your PC against Ransomware attack?

Once this malware attack and encrypt your files then it becomes almost impossible to recover such files. So, therefore you should always take some preventive measure to prevent such malware from entering your PC:

  • If you get a suspicious mail with unknown links or attachments, then you should avoid clicking on it. Further, such malware mostly come along with spams so delete and never click spam mails and messages.
  • Don’t install a freeware before reading the license terms or choose custom installation option for installing the program.
  • Install a program form legitimate site and don’t click any ad, banner, link blindly.
  • Also, carefully visit sites and install powerful antimalware tool on your PC.