vanilla reload virus Removal

How to remove vanilla reload virus

how to eliminate vanilla reload virus

Vanilla reload virus is a big threat and hence you should remove it at first sight. Further, once it enters your device it blocks users access to device and may encrypt files on device. Here in this post we have provided a complete to remove vanilla reload virus.

What is vanilla reload virus?

Vanilla reload virus is a dangerous ransomware which caused a critical damage to millions of phones and computer system worldwide. Further, vanilla reload virus is nearly related a genuine and well recognized online payment system called Vanilla Reload. Vanilla Payment method is a useful payment mode where users can make online purchases and payments without credit cards. This might be the reason why cyber criminals chose this service for obtaining unlawful ransom fees.
Moreover, once this vanilla reload ransomware enter your computer system or phone then right away it locks down your device and start showing a drastic warning message. In addition, it claims to lock your device and demands to pay ransom in order to unlock your device. Further, vanilla reload ask victims to pay the ransom via payment mode such as Vanilla Reload, MoneyPack and RELoadit systems.
Once vanilla reload locks your computer system then it presents a reason why it locked your device and blocked access to computer’s desktop and start menu. Generally, it blames the victim for violating cyber laws or conducting illegal activities. It blames victims for illegal activities such as using copyrighted content, visiting illegal sites, spreading malwares etc. After showing such warning message many victims get extremely scared and decide to pay the ransom. But that’s not a solution for this problem victims should try to get off this malware instead.

What are the dangerous effects of vanilla reload virus on your system?

After getting into your computer system it locks down your computer system and disable access to desktop and start menu. Though, it’s just a big scam.
In addition, this malware further claim that you have broken law and should pay a find for the violation. Also, it threatens the victim huge punishment if the fine is not paid.
Once it locks down your computer system then you are not able to do anything on your computer system as it blocks access to desktop and start menu.
It may leak your sensitive information to a remote hacker and may causes system degradation. In addition, it prevents your web browser and constantly display warning message in web browser.

How does vanilla reload virus infect your computer system?

Vanilla reload virus can reach in your computer system in a number of ways. However, usually this malware enters your computer system after you click malicious attachments. If you click on dubious attachments in suspicious email from anonymous sender, then malwares enter your PC.
System vulnerabilities work as gateway for the malware infection as due to such vulnerabilities malwares may enter your system easily. This so because a vulnerable system has high tendency to get malware infections. So, if you visit malicious sites or click on malicious pop-ups then a vulnerable system gets infected from malwares.
In addition, freeware also cause such malware infection. You should clear one fact about freeware that they may come with additional components hidden in the package. Further, you can avoid installation of additional components by inspecting the program while installing on your PC. Thus, choose custom/advance installation method to install the freeware on your PC.

Eliminate vanilla reload from PC

Remove vanilla reload automatically with Malwarebytes

1. With Malwarebytes antimalware tool, you can easily remove malwares such as vanilla reload. Further, it’s an effective malware removal tool and clean all malicious entries on your system. So, first download Malwarebytes antimalware on your system.

2. After downloading the Malwarebytes tool on PC now click setup “mbam.exe” to launch setup of the tool. During the procedure if you encounter “User Account Control” prompt then select “Yes” to complete the procedure.

3. Now the installation will begin. When the tool begins to install on your system accept license and keep pressing the Next button throughout the installation.

4. Once the Malwarebytes tool is successfully installed on your PC it begins to update database automatically. After the update is complete then click on Scan Now to run a scan.

5. After completing the scan Malwarebytes comes up with the scan results and displays malwares which it detects on your computer. Here now click Remove Selected button.

6. All the malwares and bad registry entries will be removed from PC.

Screenshots : 

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

DNS Unlocker Removal guide

Method No.2: Manual Method

Follow the following steps to remove manually.

To Remove vanilla reload  virus, you may have to mess with registery & system files. Making a single mistake and deleting the wrong thing may corrupt your system.
 To Avoid this use MalwareBytes – vanilla reload virus Removal Tool.

Step 1 : Uninstall suspicious software using Control Panel.

Manually remove vanilla reload from PC

  • Firstly, shut down and restart your infected computer system then keep pressing the F8 key to go to advance boot option.
  • Now from there choose ‘Safe mode with command prompt’ option.
  • After you log in your system now open Run box and type in regedit.
  • Find WinLogon Entries and note down the files which are not blank or explorer.exe. Now replace all such files with explorer.exe.
  • Now search for all the registry entries you have noted down then remove the related entries.
  • Once again reboot your computer system and run a complete system scan with a powerful antimalware to eliminate remaining Vanilla Reload files.

If Vanilla Reload ransomware has also blocked your internet browser, then read below steps to unblock your internet browser:

1. First close your infected internet browser then launch Windows Task Manager by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys together.

2. Next look for the process of your infected browser like chrome.exe, firefox.exe, Safari.exe, or opera.exe, then End the process.

3. Now launch your web browser and ensure not to allow the browser to open the last viewed page.

4. Download reputable anti-malware tool on your computer system to remove remaining files.