What is Trojans | How to Remove Trojan Virus

Trojan Horse Virus

Trojans (aka Trojan horses) are programs or software, and they are responsible for breaching the security system of any computer in which they intrude into. These are malicious programs, responsible for spying or stealing the data from system or to disrupt computer’s performance and speed. Usually,installation of  these takes place through tricking in the form of social engineering to load and execute Trojans in victim’s PC. Once installed in system, it starts to access the system including these actions:

Start to delete data, block data, modify data, copy data and disrupt computer performance of network or computer.

How it infiltrates in system?

  • Whenever, you download game or any program for free, this rogue version of a program will allow you to play the game or access that program illegally, but, as you install that program you also install Trojan into your system.
  • Most of the popular websites becomes infected with malware or upload malicious screen savers or files, and on downloading them you might get a Trojan as free gift from that site.
  • Sometimes, hackers create spam email to spread the Trojans. If someone sends you an email mentioning about new software don’t click on it until you’re ensured completely about it.
  • Some of Trojans get into your system by web browser vulnerability. A few of authors run unreliable websites with malicious threats or spread advertising pop-ups causing installation of Trojan.

Side effects of Trojans

  • It can be most dangerous as it can destroy entire system by deleting, infecting, overwriting and corrupting the crucial files or by formatting the hard disk of the system.
  • Responsible for stealing the information such as credit card number, valuable personal documents, login credentials and other sensitive documents.
  • It may install other dangerous parasites.
  • Possibly it may perform DoS (denial of service) attacks against the system or may start flooding of unwanted activities.
  • Starts to degrade computer’s speed or internet connection. Also the security of system and cause instability.
  • Start to terminate the activities of anti-spyware or other security programs. It also prohibits the execution of important system service.

How to protect from Trojans

  • Strong security software: By having an effective anti-spyware software, you can shield your system against Trojan. It will scan the disk, downloaded files, documents generated from spreadsheet programs and word processing, and detect and eliminate Trojans.
  • Use secure ISP: By using reliable ISP (internet service provider), you can create a very strong shield against phishing and spamming which cause of installing the Trojans.
  • Be cautious to open attachments: Always, configure your anti-spyware to scan all e-mail for checking whether it’s malicious one or not and also make sure your attachments are not able to open automatically.
  • Be cautious for a web: whenever, you’re going to visit any website, ensure that it is a legitimate website with no threats.

Simply, follow these practices to be secured.